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769 N769 WRC

New To: Nottingham City Transport

Chassis: Volvo B10M-55 YV31M2F12SA043676

Body: Alexander PS 9502/2 DP48F


769 was delivered new to Nottingham City Transport in 1995. It was one of a batch of five similar vehicles all of which were originally destined for Stagecoach. It has a Volvo B10M chassis which was a very popular chassis at the time. 769 is fitted with a front entrance Alexander PS body, which seats 51 passengers. The DP designation in the body description is because it was fitted with high back seating which made it useable for private hire work. 769 is now fitted with bus seats.

769 was delivered in the last style of Nottingham City Transport green and cream livery and it can be seen in this livery today. 769 also spent time in South Notts livery following NCTs takeover of South Notts in 1991. For the rest of its life with NCT, 769 would be stabled at the now closed Gotham depot for use exclusively on South Notts route 1. During this period, 769 received a repaint into Network Green South Notts livery.

Upon withdrawal in 2009, 769 passed to Veolia Transport and operated on a variety of routes in the Cardiff area. The vehicle was acquired by Nottingham Heritage Vehicles for preservation in 2011. Since 2011, 769 has undergone an extensive body overhaul including new fibreglass lower front end panels and new aluminium side panels. 769 has also received much mechanical work including a new turbo, 2 new radiators, new engine sump plate, oil tank, rear levelling valves, airbags and new fuel tanks. 

Relevance To The Collection

769 is one of only 5 buses bought by NCT with Alexander PS bodywork.

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