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191 YRC 191

New To: Trent Motor Traction Company
Chassis: Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/1 617720
Body: Alexander DP41F AR 6829



Delivered in 1962 as part of a batch of 20 similar vehicles, 191 is fitted with a Dual Purpose (DP) body, which meant it was intended mainly for use on bus services, but it is fitted with more comfortable seats and a luggage boot so it could be used on express services to coastal resorts at weekends. 


191 worked from most of Trent’s depots during its working life, being withdrawn from Ashbourne depot in 1977. It then passed to a fruit farm in Scotland where it was used to transport workers to and from the fields.Trent bought 191 back from the fruit farm in 1989, intending to use the bus for a driver trainer. This was because a need to train drivers on manual gearbox buses had arisen due to some manual transmission Iveco minibuses entering the fleet. It was restored to original condition in Trent’s Uttoxeter Road works, including the fitment of a removable brake control for the instructor whilst being used as a trainer.


In 1990 the law changed however, requiring driver trainer buses to be capable of more than 50mph. 191 has a top speed of 45mph, which meant it was unable to be used as a trainer.Trent kept the bus licenced for passenger service, but it saw little use, and by 2015 was parked up requiring engine repairs. 


NHVC were asked to provide a home for the bus when we moved into Hucknall garage, where the engine was repaired and the bus repainted at our expense. It just awaits the fitting of red beading on the metal trim (a very time consuming job) and fleet names.


Relevance To The Collection


191 is one of only three surviving Trent tiger cubs of which only two are roadworthy

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