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504 FD02SDY

New To: Nottingham City Transport

Chassis: Scania CN94UB YS4N4X20001842511

Body: Integral




Scania 504 was new to Nottingham City Transport in August 2002 and was delivered in the then new GO2 Green Line livery for service 10. 504 was one of a batch of 12 Scania Omnicities for Nottingham City Transport.

The Omnicity was originally a left hand drive product for on the continent. NCT had asked for a right hand drive version to be made. In the end a left hand drive version was brought over and converted to right hand drive. This vehicle eventually became 501 in the NCT fleet and was registered LH51LTX. The Omnicity is an integral Scania product meaning that the body and the chassis are made by Scania. There were three additions to the Omni range and these were called the Omnidekka, Omnitown and Omnilink which was available in 2 axle or 3 axle configuration. Strangely out of these additions the Omnilink was the only one with a body by Scania. Both the Omnidekka and Omnitown were bodied by East Lancs. 

During its life with NCT, 504 has carried three different liveries. The first one being the GO2 Green Line livery, then Unilink 34 Orange and Blue livery and the last being Unilink 34 Silver and Orange livery. 504 then passed to Wigan Coachways, then Harrogate Coach Travel/Connexions Buses, then to Portsmouth City Coaches. This is where one of our members bought it from. 

Whilst we were in the Isle of Wight with the Winsons Bedford, Mike from Portsmouth City Coaches approached us to ask if we would be interested in taking 504 on. We said yes and 504 arrived on our 30th October 2022 openday – pressed straight into service on our free bus rides after Omnidekka 676 developed a fault. 

Relevance To The Collection


504 is one of only two NCT Scania Omnicities in preservation. The other one being 508 which is also in our collection.

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