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335 G335 PAL

New To: Nottingham City Transport

Chassis: Volvo D10M-50 YV31MGB11KA02198

Body: Alexander RV49/1389/1 H47/37F

Status: Awaiting Restoration


335 was new in September 1989, arriving at Nottingham City Transport a few months later. This was because the bus was used as a demonstrator by its chassis manufacturer Volvo, to show the new design to other operators. 335 visited many other operators during this period, including South Yorkshire PTE and Wilts & Dorset.

335 is fitted with an Alexander R type Double Deck body, seating 47 passengers upstairs and 37 in the lower saloon. The chassis was a reworked version of Volvo’s successful B10M coach chassis, which featured uprated suspension and low profile tyres enabling the chassis to have a double deck body fitted. The fact the engine was under the floor, enabled all the lower deck space to be used for passenger accommodation therefore increasing the seating capacity. 

Unfortunately during its life with NCT, 335 was involved in a fatal accident where its front end was smashed. This resulted in 335 having a different style of grille fitted. Once 335 had finished at NCT, it was bought by Paul S.Winson Coaches of Loughborough where it stayed until late 2014.

335 was bought by a private member of the group in 2014 before the charity acquired it. 335 currently resides in our storage compound and which can be visited on selected opendays. It will eventually receive a full restoration into either Nottingham City Transport livery or its original Volvo demonstrator livery.

Relevance To The Collection

335 was one of only a few Volvo demonstrators of this type and one of a number of demonstrators purchased by Nottingham City Transport over the years. 

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