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129/699 G129 NRC

New To: South Notts 
Chassis: Leyland Olympian ONCL10/2RZ ON10879
Body: Northern Counties Palatine 3826 H49/34F



129 was delivered in August 1989 to South Notts’ Gotham Garage. 129 is fitted with a Northern Counties Palatine double deck body, seating a total of 83 passengers, 49 upstairs and 34 downstairs. This was the second of two vehicles delivered new to the operator in 1988/9.


129 is built to a low height standard. This was due to the low bridge encountered by the Number 1 route on Wilford Lane. This bridge was the old Great Central Railway bridge and it was removed in later years. 


In March 1991, South Notts were taken over by Nottingham City Transport and 129 passed to them as part of the sale. 129 became 699 to fit in with the NCT fleet numbering system. The bus stayed in South Notts original livery for a couple of years before receiving repaint where the cream relief band was extended down around the windows. 


129 was withdrawn by Nottingham City Transport in 2003 and it was acquired by Paul S.Winson Coaches of Loughborough. It was repainted into their livery in due course. In 2014, 129 was withdrawn from the PSW fleet and was kindly donated to Nottingham Heritage Vehicles Charity. 


Since joining the NHVC fleet, 129 has received a full repanel and repaint into the original South Notts livery it once carried. During this stage we also restored the side destination blind which was removed during its life with Winsons. 


Relevance To The Collection



129 was the last vehicle bought by South Notts before the takeover by Nottingham City Transport

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