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676 YN05 WFE

New To: Nottingham City Transport

Chassis: Scania N94UD YS2N4X20001851121

Body: East Lancs Omnidekka C54210



Scania 676 was new to Nottingham City Transport in June 2005 and was delivered in the then new GO2 Red Line livery for services 44 and 45 from the City Centre to Gedling. 676 was one of a batch of 28 Scania Omnidekkas for Nottingham City Transport.

The Omnidekka was developed because Nottingham City Transport wanted a double deck variant of the popular Scania Omnicity which they had been buying since 2002. The Omnicity is an integral Scania product meaning that both the body and chassis are made by Scania. The Omnidekka on the other hand had a Scania chassis and an East Lancs body with the later vehicles being bodied by Darwen and Optare after East Lancs sold out. There was a range of length options available of which Nottingham chose the longest. Nowadays this certainly makes it easier to identify which Omnidekkas were ex NCT. Some companies like Brighton and Hove had a mix of lengths – short and long. 676 is currently the only Nottingham City Transport Scania Omnidekka in preservation. 

During its life with NCT, 676 has carried three different liveries. The first one being the GO2 Red Line livery, then Network Spare livery with the rainbow on the sides and the last being the livery it now carries today. 676 received this livery in 2016 to commemorate 50 years since the last trolleybus, it also carries interior branding for this. In 2018, the bus was rebranded on the outside to mark 140 years of Nottingham City Transport. 

Whilst 676 was still in service, we registered our interest in adding this vehicles to the collection (due to the heritage livery it was wearing). We picked 676 up on the 25th January 2019 following a crowdfunding appeal to raise the funds to save one of these vehicles. Since then, 676 has received some mechanical work including new airbags, 3 new electronic modules and an unloader valve. 676 is currently an active member of our fleet and will eventually receive a repaint. 

Relevance To The Collection

676 is the only Nottingham City Transport Omnidekka to carry the green and cream livery. 

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