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416 MVO 416W

New To: Nottingham City Transport

Chassis: Leyland Atlantean AN68/1R 8100861

Body: Northern Counties 8462 H47/31D

Status: Awaiting Restoration




Delivered in February 1981 to Nottingham City Transport as part of a batch of 30 similar vehicles, 416 is fitted with a Northern Counties Double Deck body, seating a total of 78 passengers, 47 upstairs and 31 downstairs. 


It is built to what is known as the “Nottingham Standard” design, which gave Nottingham’s buses a distinctive look for many years. The Nottingham Standard included many features such as, an angled destination allowing it to be viewed easier, higher internal ceilings, a front bumper to reduce accident damage, curved upper deck front windows, curved windscreens and a standardisation of parts between different vehicles for ease of maintenance.


416 was withdrawn in 1999 and sold to the RAF. 416 was located for a number of years at the RAF Swinderby airbase, just off the A46 later moving to RAF Wittering airbase. At both of these it served as a refreshment facility for the gliding club. The refit of the interior  contained hot and cold running water supply, storage tanks, a gas cooker, hot water urn, together with a serving hatch, tables and seating.


It was collected from Wittering after being given over to the local farmer on 14th October 2015 and moved to our storage site. Some minor body repairs have taken place, and all the catering and after market interior has been removed.


Relevance To The Collection


This is another example of the Nottingham Standard bus, and 416 represents one of the last styles of the Leyland Atlantean supplied to NCT.

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