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204 YN04ANF

New To: Nottingham City Transport

Chassis: Scania N94UB YS2N4X20001845417

Body: East Lancs Omnitown 46505




Scania 204 was new to Nottingham City Transport in March 2004 and was delivered in the then new Tramlink livery for loop services 61, 63 and 64, 65 from the Bulwell to Hempshill Vale, Bulwell to Snapewood and Bulwell to Risepark. 204 was one of a batch of 7 Scania Omnitowns for Nottingham City Transport.

The Omnitown was basically a short, single deck Omnidekka. It uses the same chassis and even the same wiring loom. The left over wiring loom is just coiled up behind the interior cove panels. The Omnitown is bodied by Eastlancs like the Omnidekka whereas the Omnicity and Omnilink are Scania integral products meaning that both the body and chassis are made by Scania. NCT were the only operator to buy the Omnitown with the Scania lower front end. Most operators went for East Lancs own front end – this version was called the East Lancs Esteem. 

During its life with NCT, 204 has carried three different liveries. The first one being the Tramlink livery, then Network Green Pathfinder livery and the last being the livery it now carries today. 204 received this Network Green Spare livery after the Pathfinder received newer buses. The rest of the batch received a refurb/repaint between this point and their withdrawal but 204 missed out on this because it was vinyled up for the Hopperbus service at the time. It was here that it received its nickname the ‘Pocket Rocket’ – this refers to it being short but very powerful. 

Whilst 204 was still in service, we registered our interest in adding one of these vehicles to the collection (due to their importance). We originally decided on 205 but after riding on it on service 53 it was decided against. 204 was selected due to it being the better out the seven mechanically and more original. 204 was picked up in the second week of December 2019. Since then, 204 has had its interior removed ready for refurb and it currently resides in our storage compound.

Relevance To The Collection


204 is the only NCT Scania Omnitown in preservation and is one of only six left after one was written off with Beestons of Hadleigh. 

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