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613 N613 YRA

New To: Nottingham City Transport

Chassis: Volvo B10B-58 YV3R13F17SA001642

Body: Alexander Strider AF20/9428/10 B51F

Status: Awaiting Restoration




613 was delivered new to Nottingham City Transport in 1996. It was one of seven similar buses supplied to NCT at that time but 613 is actually part of a batch of ten buses. When bus manufacturers have a gap in the production schedules, they will often build a small batch of buses for stock. These are often bought up by operators that either only want one bus or operators that need buses quickly. The other three buses from this batch were supplied to Redby of Sunderland, Volvo Bus and Felix of Stanley. 


613 has a Volvo B10B chassis and it is fitted with a front entrance Alexander Strider Body, which seats 51 passengers. The B10B chassis, a rear engined bus chassis, was only in production between 1993 and 1997. This was due to it being replaced by the Volvo B10BLE chassis which was a low floor design, enabling a step free entrance. 613 was delivered in the last style of the NCT Green and Cream livery and was eventually repainted into the Network Green livery.


Upon withdrawal, it was purchased by Poynters of Wye and continued in service with them until March 2015. Following contact between Poynters and Nottingham Heritage Vehicles Charity, the vehicle was generously donated and returned home in August 2015. 613 currently resides at our storage compound awaiting restoration.


Relevance To The Collection


613 is the last known survivor of NCTs Alexander Strider batches. 

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